Following are the courses conducted by Professor Boyer, in line with the Chair’s mission.

« Assurances » (HEC Montréal), « Risk Management in Pensions Plans and Insurance » (Rotman)

The insurance market is one of the most mature, sophisticated and predominant markets in capitalist societies where risk management and sharing are at the very foundation of the existence of capital markets. The topics covered in this M.Sc. course supplement the topics covered in the course entitled “Risk Management and Insurance” which focuses a lot on the financial risk management of companies. They also supplement the topics covered in the course entitled “Management of Financial Institutions” where the only references made to insurance concern deposit insurance for banks.

Insurance and corporate risk management through insurance contracts are very much a part of the business environment of individuals and companies. The purpose of the course is to present this industry and to expose M.Sc. students in Finance, Financial Engineering, Applied Economics and Applied Financial Economics to the various issues faced by this industry and the organizational structure of the insurance market. We would also like to present, analyze and assess the various insurance tools available.

One third of the course is devoted to pension plans and pension funds, another third to the various insurance markets, and the remaining third to the reinsurance market.